Best friend or mortal enemy?

Follow the leader, photograph by SergKuran

under the waterfall by Vadim Trunov

mistymorrning : As the snail approached, the ladybug waited patiently… Natures quiet moments are just as amazing.

Ants feeding on honey.

Amazing photo..


Grasshopper #insects #nature

ants marching

Snail Sitting on a Red Mushroom



~~Pretty Dangerous by AnimalExplorer~~ lovely lady


The Power Of Ant by Akhyar Maha.

just hanging out

Ants working together we all could learn from this

Ant Face.

Are these not the most breathtakingly beautiful snails you’ve ever seen?? They’re called Painted Snails or Cuban Land Snails (Polymita picta) and so they are appropriately found in Cuba. All of these stunning photos were taken by Flickr user Adrián González Guillén

~Nolid Moth Caterpillars (Nolidae) ~ By John Horstman~

Wood Ant