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so true

Mom and I would crack up laughing at the worst times. We might have been in church laughing or in a restaurant or movie. Mom was so fun and gullible. I miss her huge smile and her ability to laugh nonstop until our stomach hurt

Fix your own shoe.

this is my life.Gosh,all Moms are amazing. They have to put up with their crazy kids. My Mom must be like SuperMom if she can put up with someone like me.

Haha! I have laundry up to my eyeballs!

As I do more laundry, nudists seem less crazy. Put on a sign in the laundry room!

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Tumblr Fumblr 2

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I can relate: That awkward run/walk you do when a car lets you cross the road.

As I tell my hubby, "If I can't laugh at myself, I'm missing out on A LOT of good material!"  ;-D

“Don’t Be so Serious, if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me……. I’ll laugh a.


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I freaking hate that...do it all the time.  Why am I laughing so hard at this post????

LMAO It's happened to me! That awkward moment when you're walking down the stairs and think there's another step and you Hulk stomp the ground.

Saw this many years ago, I wish I would have had a copy of this when I was working with kids that thought they knew it all, but their pay check was spent before they even got it cashed.

RAM Gameroom Teenagers Act Now Sign Game Room Decor Outdoor Teenagers Act Now Sign. Sign Text:Teenagers Tired of being harassed by your parents?

fun, funny, ironic, good mood switch on, lol, when you need something to turn instantly your lips upwards. Smile like there's no tomorrow :-D

if I had a nickel for every time my phone auto corrected 'shit' into 'shut' I would have 16 nickels