Northern Exposure. One of the best tv shows!

Northern Exposure--- I love this show

I love the Munsters and watched them growing up.

Still one of the best shows ever on TV!

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure 1990-1995

1982 - 1993

Captain and the gang.

Batman Classic 1966 TV Yes Commissioner Gallery Print. ..the " Bat Phone " 😄😄

The Wonder Years. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show as a kid and Now! One of the best shows then,


Northern Exposure

Scandal - Love me some Olivia Pope!

"murphy brown" candice bergen...etc

Rocky and Bullwinkle.

"Who's the Boss?"

"Goonies never say die!" Carre had never seen this wonderful movie so I bought it and we watched it and she loved it. One of my all-time favorite movies....

The NeverEnding Story - one of my favorite movies as a young child.