The Upside Down Snowman

Upside down snowman

<3 <3 <3


love this snowman

i am going to revamp my christmas baking baskets this year! this is the best website for cool packaging ever!

Snow Paint.

Snowman in a jar

Lighted Glass Snowman :)

Pas besoin de neige à sa porte pour faire un bonhomme !

I'm going to be a horrible mom lol

upside down bowl on top of cake to make Snowglobe Cake

snowman light bulb ornament, gonna stop throwing away blown light bulbs #Cake

Frosty Fun is yet another image from Jen's Flickr portfolio - isn't she a clever artist? Her pics are always bright and fun. Check out her other stuff and freebies on Pop Art Minis.

definitely going to do this!!

Upside down bar stool!! Such a good idea! :)

Snowman Christmas Cake

Lego fun


Snowman Shirts

This is going in my house one day. So cool