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Brave Merida


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I can't say how long its been since I've really wanted to see a Disney movie... Maybe its just cause I LOVE her hair!!!!

Merida with her suitors. I love how it still looks like she's treating them like brothers or friends (as opposed to love interest)~

It's not the pixar film I expected but a great film nonetheless. Brave doesn't have the impact or innovation usually present in their films but a masterful creator can still tell an old story.

jaytasmic: silentchimaera: teahound: Saw Shakespeare Bear, had to make it Brave lol. Yanked from here! DEAD.

super realistic brave 14151_548788975134866_1506581217_n_large

(Queen Elenor-Brave) I want to do more stuff with y mom like go shopping with her or maybe we can open our own shop like a cupcake shop that would be fun you just doing down thing together!

Makes me want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset.

Photo of Princess Merida from the Disney | Pixar film Brave. I took my wife and daughter to see it Saturday. I’ll write a full review from a dad’s perspective shortly, but I will say we loved it. Some scenes may be two intense or violent for younger viewers, however. Stay tuned for the review on!