The first time I ever did this I was told by my Lt. To guess how fast the car was going. If I got it right within 5 mph I got free lunch. Needless to say this chick right here received a free lunch! #Never forget where you were. SNT

Radar gun is used to get the precise speed of vehicles during traffic duty

You know it’s hot when…

You know it’s hot when…

Police Budget Cuts

Police Budget Cuts

This describes what my future will be about. I am a Criminal Justice major. I plan on going into the Police Academy. I want to do some PI and undercover work as well.


Police Officers To Protect and To Serve Sign Framed Art Print Picture Wall Decor Kathy Middlebrook: Title: Police Officers Artist: Kathy Middlebrook Paper: Inches Image: Inches Size Framed: in

♥ when hubby is put on a new detail and schedule changes for a yr. Great opportunities

♥ when hubby is put on a new detail and schedule changes for a yr.

Stop.  I'm one of you.

An escaped pig is carried by an animal control officer in Greensboro, N. The police were called after the animal was spotted roaming around, looking lost. The pig is now in proper care.

He must be so much fun to work with.

Hidden Dash Cam Footage Shows Police Officer Hilariously Rocking Out To 'Shake It Off'

Don't believe everything you hear about our men and women in blue. Watch this Shake it Officer - Taylor Swift Confessional and check out what they really do.

Officer Elmo

Police Officers are people from your neighborhood.