Some motivation for students before tests

Some Sweet Testing Encouragement - free printable cards you can use during testing time for a little sweet encouragement.

Mailbox stuffers to encourage residents during finals week


This is also a great little treat for paraeducators or a cheap present for Boss' Day.

End of the year student awards - I always wanted to do, but could never come up with creative awards.

Resident Assistant Ideas | Ideas for Resident Assistants / Youre on a roll! (Fruit roll up)

Star Testing Motivation Bookmarks and Testing Sign

could give these to kids who make good grade on test!

Such a cute goodbye gift for the end of the year! by gayle

I made these cardboard frames to easily display student work. I used chalk spray paint to write student names.

How to Motivate Your Students (and Kids)!

KETCHUP folder: When students are absent, place a "ketchup folder" on their desk and slide their missed assignments inside the folder throughout the day.

My students loved having these little treats on their desks each morning of testing week! FREE motivational candy themed test taking notes

Free download for your Friday Folders to give parents a weekly report of their child!

"Challenge capsules" for students who finish early-- keep those high achievers moving :)

best apps for teachers and students

Pixie Stick balloons

Testing treats

Pencil fidgets - They allow the student to have something to move around in their hands. Students that require such fidgets have a need for sensory stimulation, and fidgets provide that within the classroom setting. I know about 50 kids... and myself who would benefit from these.