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I wanted to love this book if only for its title and cover image, but suspect that these surface features may have twisted my expectations. I'm familiar with the history of the radium watch dial painters and, so, wanted more (forensic?) historical research to imbue (or imbrue?) these pages. Also, the eerie green hue of the cover girl's features left me yearning for glow-in-the-dark poetry. I wanted traces of radiation poisoning in the lines. I do think that Butterworth's collection ...

"Truth Seeking Rather Than Profit Seeking"-Scott Thomas Anderson talks about the obstacles journalists face today as well as his new book "The Cutting Four-piece:crime and tragedy in an era of prison overcrowding."

These Shining Lives

Deadly Glow: The Radium Dial Worker Tragedy

Cinema em Cena | Filmes | Dogville

The Radium Girls

The story of the Radium Girls

Radium Women. Headline: 'Living Dead' Win in Court. Chicago Herald Examiner. April 4, 1938.