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Watermelons for sale...Right along the highway during the season.

The Watermelon Truck.there is always a watermelon truck around somewhere in the south.then you can make a watermelon martini!

I love Summer and I am so excited to be living in SC. now right by the beach!!

Most Famous Sunshine Summer Quotes & Sayings There is nothing not to love about summers and Sunshine . After long tiring winter days bright sunny days feel like Paradise, the cool warm breeze …

Eis selber machen ohne Eismaschine & mit nur 2 Zutaten: Diese Rezepte werden…

Eis selber machen ohne Eismaschine & mit nur 2 Zutaten: Diese Rezepte werden euch umhauen!

Pineapple love <3 #NMouttahere

Pool Vibes :: pineapple Float :: Summer Vibes :: Friends :: Adventure :: Sun :: Poolside Fun :: Blue Water :: Paradise :: Bikinis :: See more Untamed Summertime Inspiration

Pineapple truck.

I loved pineapples before they were cool . A pineapple a day keeps the worries away

fresh-mind-fresh-day:  Door to Wonderland ••●

I love the city lights in the lower corner illuminating part of the sky, but I especially love how the fireworks color the clouds and the water. I find it interesting, however, with all this light that the sky retains its dark blue hue. -not me

Okay So just a random story about me. I've always dreamed of living in the 1960s and wearing one of the cute dresses with my hair up in a bun and going to a carnival. The carnival I imagine looks almost exactly like this therefore I absolutely adore this pic

The County Fair. My grade summer before starting high school I went everyday to our county fair.