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The wand you use really makes a difference!

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Top 10 Máscaras!

Top 10 Mascaras.

Top 10 Mascaras: the best drugstore and department store mascaras that give your lashes everything you need. If I have on mascara Im good to go!

Top 5 mascaras from L'Oreal Paris: new Lash Paradise, Voluminous Original, Million Lashes, Telescopic, and Butterfly.

Lash Paradise Washable Mascara

Top 5 mascaras from L'Oreal Paris: new Lash Paradise, Voluminous Original, Million Lashes, Telescopic, and Butterfly. Love Telescopic and Million Lashes! Need to try Lash Paradise.

It's not all in the formula . . . get your dream eyelashes with this guide to finding your perfect mascara wand.

How to Pick a Mascara Wand to Get the Eyelashes of Your Dreams

Mascara can do wonders to your overall makeup look, but are you wearing the right type of mascara for your ideal beauty look? Take this simple quiz to see which mascara is best for you.

Pop Quiz: Which Mascara Is Best for You?

Finding the right mascara is hard, especially when there are SO manuy choices. This quiz will help you figure out which mascara is right for your lovely lashes, along with our product recommendations (Beauty Hacks Mascara)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette

Eyebrow Makeup Must-Haves for the Perfect Arches

Clump-Free Lashes It may seem like a waste, but if you want clump-free lashes (so hard to achieve, right?!) , you have to wipe your mascara wand off on a tissue before each application. This way you can apply several coats seamlessly.

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About (for beginners and experts)

The secret to getting clump free lashes is to clean out your mascara brush before use. To do this, simply wipe off excess mascara on the wand onto a tissue.>> Trying this tomorrow.

E que tal a nova moda dos cílios aranha.cílios aranha:antes de tudo comece com um curvex(importante pra facilitar a passagem de varias vezes o rímel eu recomendo colocar a borrachinha do curvex em uma chapinha por 5 segundos),depois aplique a máscara de cílios é necessário no máximo passar 5 ou 6 vezes com algumas pausas,depois com um cotonete só limpar os resíduos que fica na pele e está pronto.

Spider Lashes ou "cílios de aranha"

People actually want their eyelashes to look clumpy and spider eyes? Wow, thought we got past this in the Powder, lacquer + pinch your lashes every now and then!


The Best Mascara

NO 1 MASCARA: The Younique Fiber Lash mascara, beats all other high street mascaras by miles! Longer fuller lashes, plus natural ingredients.

Great tip for curling eyelashes

10 Makeup Tips Nobody Told You About

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About Lash Curling Secret - Get the most out of your lash curler by pinching at the very base of your lashes, and then lifting the curler up into an inverted position. This creates double the curl and lasts much longer!

Con los pinceles de labios puedes aplicarte mucho más fácil el rímel en las pestañas inferiores.

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