wow !!

Raised pool decking around small pool

Built-in Slip-N-Slide

that pool.


indoor pool

great pool.

This pool is amazing. I love how you can see it from different areas of the house.

Swimming pool made to look like a river -

Beautiful modern pool.


In an attempt to sell 2.62 acres of prime Los Angeles real estate high atop the Sunset Strip, high-end realtors The Agency hired the Ameen Ayoub Design Studio to create the kind of homes that would make your jaw drop. This is a rendering.

Pool...with cool seating!

Dream backyard

Steven... some day, this will be the back of our house.

Backyard Pool

wow SA Residence — there is a pool in the middle of this house. your basement.

How do people come up with these things?

water fountains on a shallow shelf surrounding the pool = perfekt ;-)