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Baneful Herbs P18 Hemlock(Conium maculatum) Hemlock is definitely another famous Witch’s herb. It is also known as Warlock’s Weed, Poison Hemlock and Winter Fern. Hemlock was once the go to plant for death by poisoning in Ancient Greece and famously it is the classical philosopher Socrates who was poisoned by this plant.

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Free Printable Halloween Bottle Labels & Potion Labels

These free, printable Halloween bottle labels are absolutely awesome! And I can see using them for other Halloween crafts and home decor projects, too, not just on bottles. Wonderful!

Witches Banes P12 Long before it was made famous as a witch’s plant, Belladonna was used as an anesthetic; the same toxic alkaloids in Belladonna that made it a useful anaesthetic also cause hallucinations and death and can seriously damage a person’s health if used. In antiquity it was used by women to dilate the pupils to appear more beautiful.

I saw this illustration and thought "I could paper mache a little girl's form over framework, add a wig, fluttery veil and creepy crown of thorns. What if I had 3 or 4 of them standing in my front yard to greet trick or treaters?"

Poisonous Plants: The #Solanaceae are an ancient family of deliriants and hallucinogens that have been venerated as "Witches’ Weeds" since the earliest disciples of plant lore learned of their properties. Among them are counted Henbane and Hemlock, Datura, also known as Angel’s Trumpet, Belladonna, and Mandrake. Weed encounters with many of them in the course of the Poison Diaries.