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  • Amanda Ewing

    DIY Stone planter galvanized bucket planter gardening. tin can idea. tile. mosaic. bottle cap. rock. grout. garden


    Make your own flower pot! #flowerpot what a great idea for those flowers you like to put on your patio or deck

  • Séverine Créole

    Mosaic flower pot - Great idea.

  • Lisa Alexander

    Flower pot. They used a bucket, but I wonder if you could do this with old tin cans, coffee cans, etc? Cool idea...

  • Amy Kerns

    pebble flower pot from large tin can, now I'm saving those #10 cans! Cool! I'm so saving old paint cans!

  • Camille Tianna

    Pebble mosaic flower pot

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This is such a clever way to do silhouettes! Would be such a fun class project to do, then display on the wall and have parents try to guess which one is their child!

beautiful DIY idea , an old paint can to pebble planter.This would make a great house warming gift as well..

Recycled window filled with mosaic hearts. PORCH Would be beautiful in the sun!

So beautiful and detailed! Even though this looks like stained glass- I'm going to try this using mosaic tech.

Paint pots in whimsical colors and def only use in shaded are w shade loving plants if u live in a hot area! Those pots dry out super fast (even when painted) and the water would just spill out of the top. Could seal the inside w paint and spray sealer. Use water gel mixed w soil to hold in moisture.

easy stenciled cactus planter - with glitter!

Pebble flower pot 1. Use small tin pail. Make drain holes in the bottom. 2. Next, apply base (we used interior ready-made mortar). Apply about 0.4-0.6 mm thick 3. Place the mesh grid. Push it a little to the mix to help stones sit evenly across the surface. Begin laying stones. 4. When you have placed the stones around the whole surface, let it dry completely. 5. After dry, mix grout to fill the holes between the stones. Remove excess grout after drying by using washcloth soaked in water.

beautiful...Pebbles ~ Mosaic ...would also make a beautiful quilt (shells, starfish, seaweed...)

Concrete planters. Visit for all Concrete_Design & Installation.

Vintage look flower pots with those gorgeous ribbon medallions