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The Skinny Rules. No exceptions, Non-negotiable. Period.

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20-10s like i did with jen

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Be strong, not skinny

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This... Is... AWESOME.

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Morning workout - love the simple, quick #Workout #Work out #Workout Exercises|

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be healthy.

Mediumfrom Medium

Down a Quarter — Human Parts

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Ftlynnfield Healthyliving

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The O'Jays

I know this sounds a bit dodgy - and defo not a long term healthy eating plan! but I kind of like the idea of doing this for a week to re-train my body to listen to its needs etc and then go onto a more sustainable healthy eating diet!

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Could Low Carb Eating Help You Loosing Weight

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bob harper - the skinny rules

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Eat Yourself Skinny! All recipes have WW Points

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The Top 5 Pilates Exercises to Get You Started

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Work towards progress, not perfection!

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once a day? # Pinterest++ for iPad #

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Another new lunch-time workout!

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perfect 10_lean legs

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This easy myofascial release exercise will give you relief! Now anyone can treat their own tight shoulders and necks anywhere and anytime.

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Quote from my favorite book Skinny Bitch