• Sheila Cottone

    Ok this seriously made me laugh and laugh today.. This is what true friends do together 😘

  • Mary rodriguez

    “Try again without the socks…” That is so funny!! Still laughing.

  • Debbie Lou

    “Try again without the socks …” | funny quotes |

  • Sam Willard

    “Try again without the socks…” | little girls | bathroom | scales | weight | weigh | ponder | hmmmm | cute | sweet | children playing | black white | vintage

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Build children up, don't tear them down. Telling them they will fail will only break their confidence and make them believe they are a failure. Heaping expectations of perfection on top of poisonous expressions of disappointment will only pile the world on those small trembling shoulders. You should be your children's safe place, not their critic. Verbal abuse is just as bad, if not worse, than physical abuse.

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Cute idea!

Dad had this in a picture frame in my room that broke when I was little. It's the little things in life that can make you remember something in the past that continues to make u smile in the present.

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