• Ava Bardsley

    i can totally picture this!!! love it...they should make a more modern, now-a-day disney movie

  • Cynthia Galipeau


  • Mary Saunders

    Ariel turned hipster. Prince Eric has never looked so sexy

  • Lydia Lewis

    The little mermaid: Hipster addition.

  • Alisha Moore

    ohh yea my kind of fairytale

  • Madi Pizzo

    This dork in my english class looks like the moody, short, slightly Latino love child of Prince Eric and Billy Joel, but everyone thinks he's ADORABLE because of his deep voice, intense fascination in bands no one else has heard about, and lip piercing.

  • Sam Gonzalez

    What's funny about this is I actually have that paramore shirt!

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