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  • Erin Tyree

    shoulder tattoos | ... black flower design tattoo on shoulder and arms - Tattoo Mania

  • Awesome Tattoos

    Flowers are the ultimately feminine tattoo design that you can go for. Here are some of the best flowers tattoo designs that you can try too! | See more about flower design tattoos, grey flowers and black flowers.

  • Amanda Brantley

    Gorgeous flower tattoo Artist: Caryl Cunningham

  • Courtney Thomas

    tattoos tattoo flower tattoo shoulder tattoo caryl cunningham

  • Lola Colleen Watson

    Pinner @Caitlin O'Connell Harvey's new tattoo. Artist: Caryl Cunningham - I like this placement for a floral tattoo.

  • Donna Simo

    Tattoo Ideas Flowers (39)

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. Artist: Caryl Cunningham by naomial

Ankle Tattoo: nice

Might do something like this for my shoulder blade piece I'm working on

I like something like this, but more on the back incorporating my bird thats already there and just a little peak through over the top of the shoulder.

Yuck...looks like she has dirt on her arm. I don't get it...I wouldn't wear the same shirt everyday so WHY would I want to Permanently brand myself with something I would most certainly grow tired of and have NO way of removing it...they're ugly they aren't art and I'm too much of an individual to get one just because everyone else is.....

  • Christina Gottschalk

    Some people just don't view things in the same way as others... just because they are closed to tattoos while many others are open doesn't necessarily mean they are a moron or an idiot. I completely disagree with their evaluation of the picture, however it's cruel to act so demeaning toward someone whose thinking might be victim to the environment they were raised in. Overall, it's just better not to assume. As they say, to assume makes an ass of u and me.

  • Emma Palkins

    This person isn't necessarily a moron in all aspects but they certainly don't know much about what they're criticizing. I don't think that you can argue that tattoos are not art. It's a form of storytelling, self-expression, design, inspiration, and great technique. They have art books on tattoos for goodness sake!

  • Jen Davis Damon

    All of my tattoos were custom drawn. Flash books are used as reference. Reputable tattooers draw their own versions and wont copy something straight from a book. And youre right. They do have 'Art' books on tattoos.

  • Rachel Sullivan

    These are gorgeous...? I don't know what the pinner is so worked up about

  • Anna Remus

    I think the "dirt" on her you're seeing is leftover ink smudges (or makeup from a photoshoot meant to make her look dirty?), not permanent. If you're against the little dots that makeup the flowers, that's another story. There are definitely ways to express your opinions about tattoos without making those that have them feel bad--aka using words like "ugly." I'm confused about you having a board labeled "ink" when you clearly hate tattoos.

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I love this placement.