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  • Victoria Keitt💎❤️💋

    Double Dare and Family Double Dare. Loved those shows!!! This link is for pics of Why It Was Great to Be a Kid in the 90s, but a lot of them are for 80s kids too. I was both (born in 79). Fun to look at the all the pics and remember things I had forgotten about!! ;-) ahhh-memories

  • Trish Davis

    (Family) Double Dare; I always wanted to be on this game show.

  • Katrina Moore

    Omg my favorite family game! Double Dare!!

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LOL, these were my favorite toys to play with when I was little! I would create homes for them with the Fisher Price house and furniture along with those blocks that came in a blue square, orange cylinders, yellow have moon rectangles and red retangle blocks! I would love to have them today!!!

I had this tray for a long time. I liked the idea of being served breakfast in bed, though my mother was never willing to indulge me.

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maybe just for me, but I love love loved this show!!! Bruce looks so young here! Moonlighting.