Andreas Feninger, Chicago 1941

Chicago North Shore Line rail accident between Harrison Street and Wabash Avenue on May 24, 1953

Michigan Ave, 1952, Chicago

Chicago, 1924. Lake Shore Drive. This looks like it might be from the approximate location of the Drake Hotel, where Michigan Ave. meets the Drive.

Wabash Ave. Chicago 1907

Stranded and abandoned ( Tribune archive photo / January 29, 1967 ) Cars sit stranded and abandoned on South Lake Shore Drive near 12th Street in Chicago after the city's worst snowstorm. More than 500 cars littered Lake Shore Drive after the storm.

Pasadena, California, Route 66, Service Station/

Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941

At the Jersey Shore, circa 1910.

Building 209, Historic Chicago, Chicago Usa, Chicago ️, Hometown Chicago, Chicago Illinois, Chicago Restaurants, Chicago Architecture

A waitress on roller skates skillfully delivers a tray full of food to hungry customers c.1940s.

Phone from car 1959

1907, Chicago. Commuters


The Auto Wash Bowl Chicago, 1924 | Retronaut

elevator garage with parking lot, chicago, 1936 • john gutmann

Lake Shore Drive

Chicago Illinois 1920's Traffic on a bridge.

1941 Willys coupe

Cd Cover, Side 1946 1948, Book Covers, Lil Piece, Harlem Nightz, Miller, Artistic Adoration, Chicago S South

new york 1920's. Oh my gosh!!! The holy grail photo I've been searching for. Times Square 1920s