"Leather Jacket" by srose38 on Polyvore

All country<3 love this!

Leather jacket & those heels


"Bling" by srose38 on Polyvore


boots boots boots.

"Country" by joniwollf on Polyvore

Early Fall Outfit

early fall, outfit teal & brown...two of my favorite colors!


"cute and casual"

summer casual so very cute!!!

I love this whole outfit! #countrygirl #countryoutfit #countryfashion For more Cute n' Country visit: www.cutencountry.com and www.facebook.com/cuteandcountry

Love, love, love this western style... especially that necklace!

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I literally just applied for a job with them today. They're awesome. Seriously, go check them out. Especially all you engaged folk out there! They have a lot of wedding decoration stuff that is ADORABLE and affordable. You won't be disappointed!

"Combat Casual" by laurenngurd on Polyvore......listen if i dont have this outfit, I have failed! lol