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Patty Lesatz, right, her daughter, Kristina, 9, and neighborhood friend, Rebbeca Luce, 10, left, pack new snow on their ten-foot-tall snowman in the front yard of their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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fromcrybdr (Flickr) "Snowman, March 2008 So, I made this snowman on Saturday March 22nd. He was about 8 feet tall when I finished with him. Over the past few days he has started to lean to his right side. I thought it would be funny to take a picture as if he was looking around the tree in my front yard. He seems scared or sad......maybe he knows his fate. I don't think he'll make it past Tuesday."

Ce bonhomme de neige a un drôle de look! / This snowman looks very funny !

Hahahahaha ..... once I saw the last picture I lost it! This is SO awesome! I cannot wait to do this to my children someday!

Made this morning after getting a Snow Storm! 2-24-12 Copyrighted to Cimala Captivating Photography

Buzz Cut. Use the long pointed ends from the solar lights as eyes and nose. They stick in far and won't fall off like stones if the weather turns a little milder. Wondering if you could spray paint a banana slicer black and use it for the teeth.

Feed me your child. This is at least as good as the Jane Doe for Halloween idea!

Love him! Hope I get to make a wee snowman this year myself. By Peter Glorie on Flickr