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Be a "hippie girl" contestant on Let's Make a Deal......

Danielle giving a helping hand!

Danielle and her mom. Danielle Lam shared this with us fans on Mother's Day (Smiles) Uploaded by Nettie

What is the FIRST word that comes to your mind when you hear the words PRIZE PATROL? Ready...GO! I like that sign that Dave has in his hand (Smiles)

Danielle Lam! Your Beautiful! Inside and Out! Hoping To Meet You Soon! With My Name On This Board! Bring Your Cute Doggies When You Come!

your so cute Edwin ,lets sing money money money ,money

PCH pep - Danielle Lam ( I Wish I Was With You Riding On That Lovely Warm Day! Spring Time Is My Favorite! Any Place Where There Is Beauty ! Water And Warm! With Friends Like All Of You Are!

Wow, can you believe already 2 years have gone by since she awarded Joseph Beane a BIG $1 MILLION SUPERPRIZE? Since then, Danielle’s gone on dozens of trips to award big prizes to winners all across the country!