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    More Amazing Demotivational Posters (20 Pics)

    it's a real thing!!!!

    I've always thought cut flowers were a strange romantic gesture...."here is a dead thing. I think I love you!"



    Most of these are amazing. Others not so much.

    Admittedly, this misspelling gives me the giggle fits every time I see it.


    I thought it was a fire extinguisher<<<<I thought it was that watermelon over-the-counter medicine you used to get as a kid

    This is amazing

    I really like this trend of gentlemanly rapping!

    You're welcome.

    The most beautiful funeral ever.

    Whoop whoop! Happy finals week everyone


    OMG this is amazing.


    For Moses! BTW- my phone is upstairs. Send me an email if you want me to go upstairs and get it. Hump Day Random Funny Pictures - December 24, 2014TheFunnyBeaver

    "is it the pizza lunchables?" @Kendra Freelove I don't know why I think this is so funny.