baseballs and homemade bracelets. two of my favorite things in one. Mac promised to make me one of these. My birthday is in 2.5 weeks. Just sayin'

diy baseball bracelet tutorial

Baseball bracelet!

Baseball bracelets

Baseball Roses!!!

Baseball bracelet

Popsicle Stick Bracelets DIY Steps: 1. Boil sticks for about 15 minutes. 2. Let them cool. 3. Place in empty cup to curl overnight (or dry). 4. Paint or decorate, I think I'm going to go a lil' hot glue gun crazy with them. 5. Wear!

For all the Baseball MOMs out there . . . Love the part about "who raised you"!!!!

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Friendship bracelet wrapped headphones.

diy: sweatshirt liposuction

Cute DIY bookmarks

Tape measure bracelet. #sweet

embroidery & chain bracelet // dirty laundry

DIY sandals!

Baseball bracelet: @Tara Harmon Harmon Lefave, got a baseball? I got an exacto knife!