Stairs slide! Love it!


Girls bedroom idea

Custom wainscoting is inexpensive to create with drywall scraps. Add a layer detail to finish off the look of the staircase.

Some awesome ideas

If he gets a man cave...I get these :)


We do REAL, we do mistakes, we do SORRY, we do second chances, we do FUN and HUGS and REALLY LOUD really well....

Sleepover attic. This would be amazing.


Indoor awesome ...when my sisters and I were little we use to slide down our stairs in our would have been cool to have one of these in the house lol

Awesome Bathroom idea

Tree house/guest house.

18 #Awesome #House Ideas!

Slide to downstairs ... :o) that would keep the kids busy for hours


Projected swinging light like a Ocean surface makes you relax at bathroom or Living room.