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Vladimir Putin By Vik Muniz, Beluga Caviar, 71" x 48". Commissioned for Esquire, June 2008.

Power: The Definitive Story of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin By Vik Muniz, Beluga Caviar, x Commissioned for Esquire, June

Diamond Divas by Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz used over 550 carats of diamonds to do these screen legends' portraits!


"Marlène Dietrich" (Pictures of Diamonds), 2004 © Vik Muniz / Courtesy galerie Xippas, Paris

Fascinating Art: Vik Muniz

Self-portrait by celebrated contemporary collage artist Vik Muniz. The collage aspect of it gives the piece a much more authentic feeling. You also appreciate the effort that is put in to make a self portrait through collage, I couldn't do that.

Vik Muniz originally from São Paulo, Brazil
now lives + works in New York. Watch the documentary, WASTELAND,  by Lucy Walker. It's  about the Brazilian catadores (trash pickers) and the artist Vik Muniz.

Non-Trashy Recycled and Trash Art

Vik Muniz - Art made from the landfills of Rio de Janeiro - Watch the documentary: Wasteland !


artwork: Vik Muniz - "Grace Kelly" from 'Pictures of Diamonds Series", 2004 Silver dye bleach print -

Marilyn Monroe, 2004, by Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz Marilyn Monroe, 2004 40 × 30 in × cm Edition of 10 + Edwynn Houk Gallery

Vik Muniz. So talented. Portraits of Caribbean  children created using white sugar on a black background

Vik Muniz, Valicia Bathes in Sunday Clothes (Sugar Children), 1996 © Vik Muniz - Courtesy galerie Xippas. The sugar ones are my favorite because I've never seen anything like it before and the amount of detail required for them to look good is incredible.

Double Elvis from "Pictures of Chocolate" series, Vik Muniz, 1999. The Art Institute of Chicago

Double Elvis from "Pictures of Chocolate" series, Vik Muniz, The Art Institute of Chicago nom nom nom

VIK MUNIZ  http://www.widewalls.ch/artist/vik-muniz/  #VikMuniz #contemporaryart #environmentalart

Painting with…pasta, chocolate, suga, caviar, etc… – By Vik Muniz

Seu Jorge by Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz, Seu Jorge (Pictures of Magazine, Portrait), 2003 © Vik Muniz - Courtesy galerie Xippas

Sugar boy- I like this one because it seems very difficult to draw something out of sugar.

Big James Sweats Buckets - Sugar Children I chose this, because I like how Vik Muniz uses the sugar to represent the child's life.