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Weeds, Walls and Sustainability with Steve Martino

Weeds, Walls and Sustainability with Steve Martino

Blue-gray Agave americana contrasts beautifully with an orange wall. Desert Courtyard Garden Steve Martino of Cactus City Design, Phoenix -


Cacti Study, San Diego, California by Mark Yaggie. Great photo, some cactus minimalism in the suburbs.

Juriquilla, Queretaro, Mexico

I like the angle this image has been taken with. It makes the cacti look very tall and dominating.

cactus from http://storiesbystella.com

this cactus shows both texture and line. I would say that this cactus has line vs pattern because of the flow it has and texture because it appears to be soft and fuzzy but in reality it is very spiky

green thumb | peruvian cactus

A luxury LA fashion house founded on the principles of freedom sophistication and femininity.

These images are from Forgotten Spaces: the Barbican Conservatory, a collaborative project between photographer Luke Hayes and writer Sarah Simpkin.

Forgotten Spaces: the Barbican Conservatory in London. I remember when it was first built and to most eyes was simply a concrete monstrosity. Luckily nature has other ideas.

CAPTAINANDTHEGYPSYKID | Style inspired by small folk | Page 7

I know this is art, yet I like the pink pot! I never thought of using that color. likeafieldmouse: Bernd Westphal - Still Life obsessed.

PINNED | HER NEW TRIBE | hernewtribe.com

I love the dusty pastels of the desert, with it's sculpture garden of cacti and rock.elegant, organic forms protruding from Earth's thirsty layers, in gorgeous tonal hues of green

Cactus Garden - Los Angeles, California

Southern California Los Angeles cactus garden in a house designed Richard Neutra the home of Lari Pittman Roy Dowell, cacti, succulents,

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♂ Blue cactus Pilosocereus pachycladus Ritter Reminds me of Tuscan>>>