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Random Funny Pictures – 39 Pics

Extreme Makeover // HA!!! It's so true... I always feel kinda bad for the kid 5 years down the road with the insane bedroom. But hey, I'd take it if it meant an awesome new house :)

We all know people like that............ pretty to look at, but that's just about it :) ............ a smile from Angela at www.calligraphyby...

I'm not sure how people get eaten by sharks...I mean how do you not hear the music? | Cry For Help Ecard |

i feel a little less guilty about downing a huge lump of cookie dough after my salad for lunch now.... <---not my comment but it made me laugh :)

I don't normally post anything with bad language but I've seen this twice and it has made me lol both times. Too stinkin' funny!

saw this and laughed for about an hour then kept scrolling...but scrolled back up to repin because this will never not be funny

If it requires pants and/or a bra, it's not happening today.

A Smart Person Knows What To Say: a wise person knows whether or not to say it.

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