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:: Berlin Poster - Remy Sanchez ::

Indeed it is. #Minnesota #love #pride #StCloudMN #Minnesotanice #lakes #familyfun #roadtrips #gettogethers

travel guides by Herb Lester Associates.

Typographic Poster Geometric "B": Nicole Phillips

okay, this is frickin neato: The organic quality of city development as viewed from a map parallels the beauty of nature.

Fontana / Freud

Adidas City Series (Europe) Poster Project by Marcus Reed, via Behance

the brightest thunderbolt is elicited from the darkest storm / Magpie Studio

Fine Graphic Design works by Philipp Mentrup, a Designer from Germany.


Self Help Poster on Behance

Paper Cities by Ali Prater. This is inspirational because it reminds me that design can be fun.

This piece is a very well done example of typographic art. It integrates the thematic elements of the title into its very shape and form yet retains its legibility and textual meaning as well.

Julia Wauters - Exposition de Julia Wauters

Paris Map Print City Map Poster von OMaps auf Etsy

Better by Bike: Posters by La Comunidad | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration