In an interview a panel at the indie game event Rezzed. Gearbox CEO  Randy Pitchford said that he wants Borderlands 2 on the Playstation Vita. Pitchford said

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Capsule Computers and Groupees are teaming up once again to release a new indie bundle. For a minimum purchase of $1.00, buyers can snag a c...

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It seems that that retail listing that appeared on a Taiwanese website saying that Atelier Totori would soon be released on the PlayStation Vita with a number of bonuses has actually turned out to be true. In a leaked image from Dengeki PlayStation magazine we have news that Atelier Totori Plus is planned to hit Japanese Vita’s on November 29th.

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Real time strategy games can stand out by addressing specific interests like space, fantasy, and especially believable military. Frozen Hearth falls into the fantasy realm where magics and mystical evils are considered normal. With three years in the making, how will this indie RTS measure up against the leading competitors in its genre?

Capsule Computers and Groupees have teamed up to release the second Capsule Computers Indie Bundle. The bundle contains 8 great games with two awesome bonuses.

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Space games are starting to get popular again, with plenty of indie developers vying for customers and plenty of Kickstarters vying for supporters to get their game into development and each one trying to offer a different experience to make themselves unique in the eyes of players.  Soldak Entertainment decided to go a pretty unique route for their game Drox Operative in that

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Namco Bandai have announced that they have now released Tales of Graces f on the PlayStation Store for digital download at the price of $69.95 AUD for the PlayStation 3.

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