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Q-tip Painting to Show 10s and 1s on a ten frame...

Penguin Ten Frames up to 20!

Classroom Freebies: Simple Addition Workstations

Make Ten is a great little game for sums of ten! All you need is a deck of cards, and it's even self-correcting, since using all of the number cards in the deck will evenly use them all as pairs totaling ten. From MyMommyReads

Comparing Numbers Using Ten-Frames

Playdough number mats with ten frames (0-10)

Ten Frame Spinner! Must make this!

Miss Kindergarten: base ten bunnies

Place Value with Ten Frames, free worksheet

Learning Ideas - Grades K-8: Ten Fun Math Games for Kids

Ten Frame Toss

subtraction mat

Math centers to help students with addition!

ten frame snake game/center

Koala Ten Trains

Photo Booth Picture Frame next year

This ten frame number game gets students up and moving while actively learning to decompose numbers in the teens into a group of ten and some additional ones. One dollar.

FREE Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Play Dough Mats!!

Class directory for the writing center! Brilliant!

Ten frames made with popsicle sticks and tacky glue! Little foam cubes from Target dollar section or Dollar Tree.

Here's a great idea for combining a hundreds board with base-10 blocks. 3 tens and 4 more...