Mr James Francis Young, Worked on the Titanic as a Fireman/Stocker/ Engine Crew. He boarded the ship in Southampton. Nothing is known about his time on the ship. He died in the sinking, his body was never recovered.


John (Jack) George Phillips As the Titanic was sinking, Phillips worked tirelessly to send wireless messages to other ships to enlist their assistance with the rescue of the Titanic's passengers and crew. He was lost in the sinking and the body never recovered. He was 25 years and 1 day old. His last birthday was on the Titanic.

Juha Panula (Eino's brother), also perished aboard Titanic.

John Jacob Astor IV, a U.S. millionaire businessman who served in the Spanish-American War, died in the sinking of the Titanic. His was one of the 333 bodies recovered from the ship. Astor was identified by the initials sewn on the label of his jacket. He also had a gold pocket watch that his son, Vincent, claimed and wore the rest of his life.

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Tom Hunt-fireman-died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified. His parents received financial aid from the Titanic relief fund

HENRY NOSS (Crew) Henry Noss was a stoker on the Titanic. He survived the sinking, and later settled in Southhampton, England, where he married and had a family. Read more:

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Ruth Becker, Titanic survivor. Ruth was twelve when the ship sank, when she was unable to get into a lifeboat with her family she was left on board alone until a passing steward threw her to a lifeboat that was being lowered. She never spoke of the Titanic, her own children never knew she was on board, until she was elderly. Her ashes were scattered over the titanic site in the Atlantic ocean...

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Oscar Scott Woody-On the night of the sinking, Woody and his fellow postal clerks, assisted by several other crewmen, struggled to bring some 200 sacks of mail up to a higher deck from the flooding mail rooms. Mr Woody died in the sinking. His body was recovered (#167) and buried at sea.

Baby Millvina Dean with mother Georgette -- she is the last Titanic Survivor - she died in 2009

Jack Prideaux, 3rd Class Titanic Steward Jack Prideaux, who was born in Southampton, was one of the stewards on board Titanic. There were over 300 stewards working on the ship, looking after the needs of passengers. Prideaux was assigned to care for those in Third Class. The 23 year old died when Titanic sank, his body was never found.

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