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Six Emerging Technologies in Education: Over the next five years, the K-12 education community is expected to adopt six new technologies that will affect both teaching and learning. Teachers, curriculum designers, students and parents will all be impacted, and for the better, the K-12 classroom will never be the same.

from Lifehack

How Does the Media Affect Your Kids

This infographic provides a deeper look into and effects of media and technology on children eight and under in the U.S.

The Psychology of Colour and How it Affects Your Marketing Strategy

In this interactive circuits & conductors activity, kids learn how different materials in a circuit can affect the flow of electricity


Wrong! Free computers don’t affect educational outcomes

LastPass Warns Users About Security Breach LastPass #LastPass

The Ethics of Data, Visualized [INFOGRAPHIC] | Umbel - hoe gaan landen en overheden om met hun data


Color Theory: What People Really Think [Infographic]

How #Color affects us, and why should we care when we design