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Celiac Disease: When Gluten Has To Go... Celiac Disease Affects Kids, Too!

today I did a little yard work and afterwards getting hip joint pain that got worse and worse until I could hardly walk T___T ...... maybe because lately I've been eating a little too much bread and dairy. it doesn't seem to go away, just worsen if I carry or lift things or any little strain (!)

Symptoms of Celiac Disease| Celiac Disease Symptoms With the growing amount of gluten-free products on store shelves and menus these days, you may have heard the reason behind this new awareness: Celiac disease. It’s caused by an allergy to gluten. The disease destroys the finger-like microscopic

Celiac disease and gluten-free diets often go together. Learn about celiac disease with this helpful #infographic. #glutenfree #celiacdisease

This is how Gluten causes leaky guts in people with Celiac Disease - find out why here

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Have celiac disease? Know someone with celiac disease? Share your story!

Gluten Intolerance Infographic - since so many people I know now have celiacs or gluten intolerance.

This graphic is terrible. There are 300 symptoms for celiac disease. I was diagnosed three years ago and I never had any GI symptoms. This pin is misleading.

A friend of ours just found out he had Celiacs disease, so I became curious as to how gluten affected his body..