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  • Christine C

    Just one cookbook: Green Tea Chocolate 抹茶生チョコレート - Macha white chocolate truffle blocks.

  • 【♛ Carmen 愛 ♛】

    Green Tea Chocolate | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook - Make with my Homemade White chocolate Chips and coconut milk. Wow!

  • Alexandra Pickard

    Matcha green tea chocolates recipe

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green tea souffle; the incredible warm fluffy texture of souffle accented with the unique bitter matcha flavor.

"I'm deeply fascinated by the Japanese culture. "I think that the Japanese culture is one of the very few cultures left that is its own entity. They're just so traditional and so specific in their ways. It's kind of untouched, it's not Americanized." ~ Toni Collette (Japanese matcha tea 抹茶) V

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Sorry I actually eat unlike some people...Sorry I can be myself around guys unlike some people... Sorry I like to have fun and I dont care what people think about me... Sorry I am me.