Muffin Tin Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes - Great appetizer idea!

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Meatloaf Cupcakes topped with Mashed Potato - you don't have to pipe the potato on! Just pile it on and fluff it up with a fork.

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Steak Tips (butter in pan til hot... steak 5 min, flip + 5 min... add gravy) [mushrooms optional... serve on egg noodles or rice or mashed potatoes]

Shepherd’s Pie....delicious comfort food

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Meatloaf Cupcakes Recipe. These were a HUGE hit with the whole family. The kiddos loved the mini meatloaves topped with mashed potatoes. So simple to make!

Mashed Potato Muffins

Meatloaf Cupcakes from A tasty, fun dinner your whole family will love! {Don't worry, the frosting is mashed potatoes} #dinner #recipes #meatloaf

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Baked Shepard's Pie - this has the best mashed potatoes I've ever had!

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Brown Sugar Meatloaf - it is so amazing that even professed "meatloaf haters" will be coming back for seconds. The secret ingredients really takes it over the edge!