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31 Iron Rich Foods for Vegetarians & Vegans

Many vegetarians and vegans worry about getting enough iron in their diet. Since meat is traditionally thought of as the main source of iron, vegetarians need to find different sources to help them reach their recommended amount of iron each day. Fortunately, there are several delicious and...
  • Alissa Andrews

    Great list of 31 iron rich foods for vegetarians, vegans and anyone who wants to get more iron in their diet without eating a big steak.

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How the hell am I iron deficient when I eat a sh@# ton of quinoa? Ugh!!!!

Great advice. It is pretty easy to see where this makes sense. I know a lot of people who snack out of boredom, not even aware of how many calories they ingest simply because they haven't assigned a better activity for little pockets of time.

Iron Fact Sheet - Make sure you are getting adequate intake of iron. Iron works to carry oxygen from the lungs to blood cells and alternatively carries out carbon dioxide as waste. Iron works primarily in the myoglobin of muscles and the hemoglobin of red blood cells. Learn more about iron here - If you like this pin, repin it and follow our boards :-) #FastSimpleFitness -

Foods with iron. Take that, low iron levels.

No need for meat if you want iron, especially if you want to donate blood and are deferred for low iron~