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    #Celiac disease, which affects the intestinal track (small intestine to be specific) is caused by an immune system response when a person ingests gluten (found in wheat, rye, brewers yeast, barley, etc). Specifically, it reacts to a protein called gliadin, a gluten protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats (Simply Chopped® uses gluten free oats).

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Anyway, I started researching a link between celiac and premature graying. There was a study done in 1980 by a British researcher that found...

Avoiding Cross-Contamination: A Gluten-Free Guide - #celiac #glutenfree

gluten free safe list, would be good to give to friends or family if they want to cook for you

"However our agriculture practices have gotten so bad that genetically modified forms of wheat and other foods has caused a rise in food allergies and food related disorders."

A few months ago (the end of May, actually), I tried to create a gluten-free donut for my sister's birthday.  She has Celiac, so she has to eat gluten-free, and she was craving a yeast-risen gluten...

I don't actually have Celiac's, just an intolerance...but YES.

Gluten-Free Diet: What's allowed, what's not. Gluten causes damage to the intestines of MOST people, not just people with Celiac Disease.