blueLounge miniDock - docks your iPhone/iPod into the wall instead of dangling it at the end of a cable.

Charging Shelf!

New socket design with USB outlets - where can I get these immediately??

Apple Docking and Storage Base

shoe box charging organizer......very cool

iPhone printing cube

sinch - minimalist yet effective and beautiful way to control your headphones

Project: Coolest iPhone charging station ever designed!

A colorful multi function stand for the iPhone / iPad that also works to store small items on your desk.

Jonas Damon iPhone alarm clock #Jonas_Damon

flat extension cord for under rugs

Enjoy warm coffee or tea, from first sip to last

love it want it need it!

A speaker which screws into a lightbulb socket. It connects wirelessly to a ipod dock.

Polyply - iPad, iPhone and iPod Stand

Cable management is essential in our modern day lives. These multi-purpose clips keep all sizes of cables tidy and untangled. For the home, office, workshop and traveling, CableClip manages your cables in a simple and fun way by keeping cables accessible and organized. Perfect for stowing away all surplus cables. USD$9