Cy Twombly’s desk (Photo by David Seidner from Artists at Work). Photo links to a page with images of numerous Twombly works.

yo quiero así!

textures shapes and color: Let’s Visit a Studio in Denmark! the studio of Danish artist and architect Line Juhl Hansen.

danielodowd: arianapearl

danielodowd: arianapearl (the tumblr of jessica rackley)

I love to paint in my spare time. It is one of my many hobbies. When I am painting I forget about all my stress and just focus on my art.

studio natural light/under the window desk

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Hand thrown ceramics Anchor Ceramics is a ceramics studio founded by Bruce Rowe in Based in the Pop & Scott collective workshop in Northcote, Victoria; a deep respect for the tradition of craftsmanship infuses the atmosphere of the Anchor studio.