Outta the way, world. I've got my sassy pants on today. This is me every day.

Awesome ;)




Funny Confession Ecard: I could really use a hug from something alcohol-based right now.

This is a statement full of truth


Some things are better left unsaid....but you can bet your sweet ass I am going to say them anyway.YOUR RIGHT... YOU TRIED TO FUCK MY MARRIAGE UP AND U FAILED..SO WHAT U GOT TO SAY NOW

Happens all the time

Hahahaha Friggin Special!

Most days I take a lot of crap and just push it aside. Today is not one of those days so put on your helmet honey 'cause you just pissed me off!


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ecards. ecards ecards


Majority of the time I'm just being mean. Maybe I should just put a foot in your ass to prove it.

They should make #vodka_lip_gloss || #ecard #someecard

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Every day! I hate pants!