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well hello there handsome by Eboogie615, via Flickr

This. If you can't get them to sleep for your session, and they are too young to smile for you, this simple set up is the money shot. Place in front of a window with indirect light to add those sparkly catchlights. Winning.

thats just like my son, on a queen size bed to himself, only difference between this baby and mine, mine spreads out and takes up the entire bed!

unbenannt by kentuckyfriedpanda on Flickr.

He is so relieved that he can give his son the things he needs. He has his own business and is financially independent. Find out more.

‘Things are going in the right direction, regardless of what we see from time to time. If you stand back you can see that there is an emerging consciousness that has a different set of values and a different set of beliefs; they’re seeing the world differently than they used to and are manifesting that in their behaviors.’ --Howard Martin, HeartMath Institute, via Lotus Guide March 2015