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Bald Eagle, Bald Eagle, Bald Eagle

Just love the face of the bald eagle. Always gives me the chills ♥

~ Proud Eagle ~ by Jasna Matz

Proud Eagle - Pinned by Mak Khalaf Fine Art Fine artFineartSea eagleAnimalAnimal artAnimal portraitAnimalsArtBirdBird artBird portraitBlack backgroundBlack seriesComposingCompositionDigital artEagleFine artsFineartsPhotoshopPortraitblack by jmatz

Aguila cabeza blanca

National Animal Symbols: This creature is so majestic, demands respect. Previous pinner: Little Bird - By: (Jan Schättiger) by Paintingdreams.

Bataleur Eagle

Bird page four Beautiful black with red face of a Bateleur (Terathopius ecaudatus), a species of African eagle endemic south of the Sahara. Photo by Matthias Kretschmar.


An American symbol, the bald eagle calls Alaska home. Learn more about these birds of prey and other Alaskan animals in the article below.