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See our webpage Healing The Earth Ourselves with books, classes and shop: #animal #totem #necklaces #reiki #shamanism #organic #farming #spirit #mindfulness

Reiki Shamanism is by far my best selling book (so far!). Published in 2008, it was my fourth book and been published in multiple editions and languages. It's still quite popular. For more, see @FindhornPress or our webpage,

Our January newsletter features my upcoming #Reiki #Shamanism class, #Maui in May, and Annette's BFF! #retreat #yoga #mindfulness #books

This is my third book from Findhorn Press, Healing Plants And Animals From a Distance, published in 2007. It had a resurgence of sales during the Gulf Oil Spill, as people were sending prayers for the region and marine life. It focuses on distance healing and prayer techniques in ecospirituality along the lines of the secret life of plants (and animals!). You can read more @FindhornPress or our webpage:

You can preorder 'Conscious Food' at a discount directly from the publisher, Findhorn Press, for shipping worldwide:

I am thrilled to learn that my #book "Dreams of the #Reiki #Shaman," the sequel to "Reiki #Shamanism," is now published in #French and sold at TreDaniel, 19, nue Saint Severin 75005 Paris, #France. Thx @findhornpress ! Various of my other books are published in English, French, German, Russian and Japanese

This is my first book, Clearing, published in 2006 and now in multiple editions and five languages. It's available from @FindhornPress and bookstores worldwide. Or, our webpage:

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