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We love spending quality time cooking together. We really enjoy making healthy food to feed each other, our families and our friends. :)

Cant wait to cuddle with my man!! Cuddling releases feel good hormones and combats stress hormones in women.. sooo Cuddle with her often!! So Danny come home already!

Un abrazo por la espalda es el mejor refugio


I love it when you kiss me just because you love me...


Though at first glance these photos look like stills from the strangers kissing video that went viral, in actuality this series was created even before that video was shot. Last summer, photographer Ben Lamberty took a spontaneous photo of a couple kissing and the photo turned out to be, in his words, "so cool" that he decided he needed to make a series out of it. The photos would eventually land in the December 2013 issue of a German publication called Zeit Magazine. The passionate images o...



Happiness Photo Pose

just a kiss

I personally if i can want my photos at the beach or in the woods. Cute engagement photo

Meet me in the headlights in a field tonight... Let me love you baby, with no end in sight. Let me kiss your sweet lips, a southern delight. Mmmmm, meet me in the headlights.

So cuteee. Wanna pic like this


dont brag

Kissing down your back....down.....down...down