lower, middle, upper worlds

CHAOS AND STRUCTURE by Tatiana Plakhova, via Behance

Maiden/Mother/Crone. Land/Sea/Sky. Above/Middle/Below. Life/Death/Rebirth.

Sacred Geometry

SUPREME CONSCIOUSNESS by Boris Pelcer, via Behance

CHAOS AND STRUCTURE by Tatiana Plakhova, via Behance

Miles Donovan - collage art - Ulysses A series of images from the missing space probe Ulysses.

trees trees trees

"an example of perfect proportion in ancient architecture" Proportion is somewhat related to geometry. It is interesting that how at that time they were so precise about the proportion. A big thing they really cared about.


CHAOS AND STRUCTURE by Tatiana Plakhova

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Map of Space


Illustration #10 by Peter George Elson Planet Cruiser C-15D

Flowing City Map of Paris on Behance


Character Concept Art - #robots #illustration - artist unknown

an illustration to "Curious Mathematical Forms" by Robert Boyle, probably 1670's

The Art Blog 7/18

Liminal II. ink and bleach on paper. Hannah Mary. I like the idea of using bleach for the light parts of this.