It was easy to see that this Folding Pocket has beautiful colors, cute inner patterns and great quality but I didn’t know how ingenious this pen case was at first! The Folding Pocket v8 is brilliant! I can use this pocket in many different ways for quick and convenient access to the items in it just by unbuttoning and unfolding the case. It is spacious to store many pens, pencils and other small items too! It can be awesome gift idea not only for students but also for all!

Hopefully ballpoint. This and those other pencils won't go well with milk pencil case. What to do? Pencil case will go well with backpack though.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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The basic felt roll ...@刘阿姨-飞鱼采集到【LIFE STYLE】(70图)_花瓣礼物

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