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  • Sarina Wilson

    Mason jar + Glow paint = World's best night light GREAT IDEA :)

  • Jay Kay

    glowing jars - mason jars painted with glow in the dark paint

  • Gina Putman

    Use glow in the dark paint to paint the inside of these mason jars and then charge them with a light bulb and watch them glow in the dark! :) for instant satisfaction cut the top off of a glow stick and let the liquid explode all over the inside of the mason jar, unfortunately this way the mason jar will only glow for 1-3 hours.

  • Rob Stjohns

    Glow in the dark jar and how-to guide. Mason jar + glow in the dark paint = cool summer project!

  • Heather Ervin

    glow in the dark jars. Love this idea!!! What a great night light for Sissy.

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