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Sleeping Mona Lisa. I have a goal of pinning a reinterpretation of Mona Lisa to every one of my boards. There are so many parodies and such diversity, I think this is possible.

Desi Mona Lisa! Truly knew how to #BeaGoddess, she would have looked all the more radiant in a Paravati Fuchsia Cuff or some Lakshmi's Leaves! Find yours at www.swatijrjewelr...

leonardo da vinci paintings | Pin Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings Secrets picture to pinterest.

Top 15 Funny Mona Lisa Design | Blog

Eu já sou fã da Mona Lisa! Mas essa versão flamenca eu adorei - hahaha! ☺️❤️

Did Leonardo painted a younger version of Mona Lisa? The Swiss Foundation ( believes so. It’s not new for Leonardo to create two versions of paintings like in the case of Virgin of the Rocks and Madonna of the Yarnwinder. This painting adds some additional elements in the background. Sans enigmatic smile.

Give Mona Lisa a camera phone and an Instagram account, and she might end up camwhoring with a duckface in front of the bathroom mirror. But of course. Classical oil painting subjects are so predictable. No idea who did this hilarious parody mocking all face-scrunchers everywhere