How to Do Beadwork on Moccasins

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Moccasins have been an appealing form of footwear for centuries. These shoes began as a necessity for comfort and protection in Native American cultures ( and are now a fashionable comfort for men and women across many different cultures. Moccasin shoes are a popular house slipper for men, but moccasin boots are better for every day,...

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A decade or so ago, Southwestern design was a popular choice for home decor and many confuse it with a Native American theme. However, Southerwestern design and a Native American theme are not necessarily the same thing. If anything, Native American design is more closely related to a standard Western theme, yet Native American design stands on its...

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DESIGNING and CUTTING Boot and Shoe PATTERNS The Complete illustrated Manual How To Make Shoes and Boots

How to make moccasins

How to make moccasins

How to Make Moccasins at Home ;

DIY Moccasins for Children (super easy to make!)

Moccasins...all I need now is some reclaimed sheep wool!

How to Make Moccasins

How to make moccasins

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